Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans – Choice of Millions

Extraordinary designs, features and several advantages over other fans make Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans- choice of millions. If you have ever been to The Home Depot, they might have caught your eyes as well. It is recommended to make your choice as well.

Designer fans by Hampton Bay

Cool your home in style.


  • Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans comes in several designs to match your home d├ęcor.
  • Hampton Bay has the full potential to change the entire look of your home.
  • Hampton Bay also provides several light kits in several design.
  • If you want basic and simple style for hallway or utility rooms then also you can go for
    Hampton Bay.

Read on to know which Hampton Bay ceiling Fan suits which place of your house:

1. Hampton Bay Farmington 52 inch – suits normally any room or any place of your house.


2. Hampton Bay Clarington 52 inch – astonishing piece for living or dining room.


3. Hampton Bay Magic Puzzle 48 inch – Kids will love to have it in their rooms. It can also enhance the look of Kitchen and Bathroom.


Features of Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans

1. Quick connect Installation System.

2. Gossamer Wind- a type of wind design.

3. Lifetime warranty on fan motors.

4. Various accessories – remote, built-in thermostat and timer.

5. Hampton Bay fans are known to last for decades.

Advantages of Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans:

Why Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan is the choice of millions?

1. High level of comfort and design which are offered by very few companies like Hampton Bay.

2. They are rated with energy star that means they consume less electricity and charge.

3. The blades of Hampton bay ceiling fans are highly efficient. They provide maximum cooling effect to the room.

4. The blades are specifically manufactured by Hampton Bay so that they keep the room cool in summers and hot in winters.

5. These fans are specifically designed to improve the airflow of your house.

6. Their quick connect installation system help in doing the task yourself. Thus cuts down the payment of electrician.

7. It is a less expensive way to cool your house. Cut down the huge AC bills.

8. Hampton Bay claims that you get high quality product at a lower price tag.

Some of the most favorite Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans ever:

1. Hampton Bay 52 In. Farmington Ceiling Fan

I liked the 5 reversible white/bleached oak blades which provide it versatility. Multi capacitors make it work smoothly and hence quietly.

2. Hampton Bay Northport III

Because of its thumbed screwed design you could not leave it on store. It comes with beautiful brass finish.

Other most liked fans are:

3. Hampton Bay Parisian

4. Hampton Bay 52-inch Brass Ceiling Fan

5. Hampton Bay 04345 Cruiser 54″ Ceiling Fan

It is well known fact that Hampton Bay ceiling fans are available in a galore of different designs, colors and styles. They make a perfect decorative combination and a mix with furniture and fixture of any room, office or place. They exhibit a subtle but definite hint towards the room’s style. Installation of an ordinary ceiling fan is an hour long maneuvering task whereas installation of Hampton Bay ceiling fan is scaled down to a few minutes with just a bare few screws being inserted.

Hampton is the first ceiling fan manufacturer who invented and introduced Gossamer wings, a blade design that is meant to maximize the amount of air found. Many of Hampton Bay ceiling fans, if not all, are marked with an Energy Star certification, stating them to be energy convergent, more efficient with less costly settings.

Though Hampton Bay Fans range starts from $50 , the designs, colors and style are hard to resist the temptation of taking it home. Just envisage the convenience and comfort a ceiling fan can add to your life in a hot, scorching day and make sure that your Hampton Bay product meets it.

130 thoughts on “Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans – Choice of Millions”

  1. The fan lights just stoped working I changed the bulbs and still does not work
    it is model #761 567

  2. Dear friends,
    I was given a little used Hampton Bay ceiling fan/lamp. I already installed it except for the wiring which I would like you to let med know how to pair them as they’re colored
    as follow: Blue/Black (joined together), White, and Green.

    The ceiling wiring is Green, Yellow, and White colored.

    Please, let me know how to match them correctly. The fan/lamp was working properly at the moment when it was uninstalled.



  3. The fan motor on my HamPyongyang bay ceiling fan burned out. How does the lifetime motor warranty work? What info do you need from me?

  4. I have HB lighting fixture with a 10″ (approximate) round dome light cover that broke. It is one that screws on (not the one w/ the 3 little screws). I can’t find it anywhere. There are a few part #’s on the light housing. They are: PL-C 13w/27/4P, MHF13DBR/SPX274p4, & CF13DD/E.

  5. Hi,
    I need a replacement remote for my fan. The ID numbers on the back of the remote are: “FCC ID L3HFAN9T and Model FAN-9T”

    Can you help me find a new remote that will operate this fan?

    Many thanks.

  6. Thank you for taking my message;
    I have experienced a failure of the capacitor in one of our four Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans. Considering the way that the capacitor has failed I thought you might be concerned as well.
    The capacitor has burned and melted inside the switch compartment. Judging from other messages about what may be similar failures, I am assuming that you may have a replacement program available.
    Numbers on the capacitor are; E183963 CBB61 ( 4 wires orange, white, violet and yellow ) 4.5 mfd 350V AC, 5 mfd 250V AC , and 6 mfd 250V AC 50/60Hz MAX. TEMP 70 C
    Unfortunately I do not have the failed capacitor to show you. We took it to Home Depot hoping to find a replacement part however we left it in the shopping cart there at the store. I am still without a replacement part. Please consider providing me with a replacement capacitor for the one which failed and possibly for the other three ceiling fans if you feel it necessary that they be replaced as well since all the fans were purchased and put into service at the same time.
    I look forward to hearing from you with your offer to provide me with a replacement capacitor.
    Thank You
    Craig Caffey

  7. I need to find replacement blades for MV52V-FE. Can you please help me with this request?

  8. I bought 2 yrs ago 2 ceiling fan for my outdoor patio @ Home Depot, the patio has been extended, so I need 2 more of the same model / same look !!! Of course every year the models change. Is there anyway / contact to find the same model I have ? I need 2 more and Home Depot has not been of a great help.

  9. I have a Hampton Bay 54″ Metro model 786756 and need a remote for it. When we moved from one location to a new one, we unfortunately left the original at the old house in another state so it is not possible to retrieve it. The fan was working fine but in the hustle to pack and move the original got forgotten and left behind. I was wondering if I could purchase a new one without the receiver unit as the one we have should work fine. I have the fan installed in the new house but obviously can’t turn on either the fan or the light until I get a control unit. I could purchase one from Home Depot but really don’t need the receiver unit. Thanks for your help with this issue. Sincerely, Rick Coder.

  10. I have a ooutdoor ceiling that ONLY turns in the up direction, can I easily replace the switch and where can I have a reverse switch as a replacement

  11. Hello ladies &/or gentlemen,
    I just purchased one of your ceiling fans (Landmark Plus 52″, SKU 525-930) from The Home Depot. It is in my bedroom and I would like to purchase a remote control kit. I only have a single switch in the bedroom. Does the SKU 191-691 remote kit work with this unit? Thank You.
    Brian Orvis.

  12. I want to buy a Hampton Bay ceiling fan/52″/White/Four lights. There are two gold brims on the bottom housing. The upper brim is larger than the lower one.

    My daughter bought this one a few years ago.

    Please help. You can reach me at (281)568 – 0560 or you can email at tangleon@ymail.com.

    I’m a handicap and senior citizen.

    Thank you for your attention to this email.

  13. Just wanted to leave a possative note, I purchased 2 small fans for a home I have been renavating and the installation was so easy. They work perfect and look great

  14. I have an outdoor Verde ceiling fan, I installed it in 1996 and it only operates in the up direction. How can I get a reverse switch for it to operate in both up and down directions? Additionally, I cannot locate a model number on the outside of the unit. Are there standard switches or can I get a diagram of the different type so I can order the proper one.
    Jerry Deans sends,

  15. I have serveral of your hampton bay fans. Two are with 4 blades and 1 with 5 blades. My fans with 4 blades go much faster than the 5 blades. I think something is wrong as the fan with 5 blades don’t give me much cooling than the 4 blades. I think something is wrong with it. Is this normal for a 5 blade fan.
    Thank you,

  16. I have always bought Hampton Bay Fans, 13 to be exact, and in 75 percent of them, the pull chain for the fan, exiting from the side on the fan housing thru a metal collar, wears a rut in the collar and snags or breaks, or in one instancw pulled the fan down from the ceiling. Do you have any fixes for this problem ??? The only ones I didn’t have problems with were the ones where both pull chains are exiting thru the bottom.

  17. I have a H.B. Fan, Model # EF200DA-52 w/ Remote.
    The Fan is working find w/ the Remote but the lights only stay on the top ones and won’t switch to the others. Is the remote broke? receiver? poor internal wiring? Any help is appreciated.

  18. We have a Hampton Bay Ellijay 52″ Indoor/outdoor ceiling fan. The remote stopped working. We replaced batteries and the remote and cannot get the fan to work with a remote. This poses a real problem because this fan cannot be operated with out the remote since it does not have pull chains….Please tell us what to try next.

  19. My ceiling fans are squeeking and need oiling. One is marked, “Hampton Bay” and the others are unmarked. Hampton Bay/HomeDepot website says they don’t need oiling, that they have permanent seals.
    Looking on top of the motor, I can see 3 little holes. Can these be oil-fill holes?


  21. Hi I just bought the Roanoke 48 in. fan Model # yg216-ni I was wondering if I could buy a different color globe for the light and if yes what colors are avaiable and where I could purchase


    Bob Singelyn

  22. We have a Hampton Bay ceiling fan that works great. However, the buttons on the hand control have become very difficult to push. The FCC ID is CHQ8BT7078T, model UC7078t, serial no. 9901, with a separately printed no. 014964. Can we get a new controller? How do we order?

  23. I have 2 HB ceiling fans model #AC374-WB purcahsed at Home Depot a few years back. This has been a seasonal home so the use has been minimal. They are a ceiling mount in a 24′ ceiling so no hand use available. Now on one fan, I cannot get the Hi fan to work and on Med it makes a motor griding noise…very much annoying. I was contemplating purchasing a 3rd one for the same large great room…so want to be sure what can be done to help me out first before I do so.
    Please reply ASAP Thank You

  24. Hi, I was wondering if you have any coupons for a Hampton Bay ceiling fan. I am interested in buying one at Home Depot, but it is a little high for my budget. Please let me know if you can send me a coupon to Lisa Perigo, 39302 NW 29th Ave, Woodland, WA 98674. Thank you very much.

  25. To solve problem with your product will be charged $45.

    Never purchase your product again//////////

    Wayne Simnitt

  26. Hi I need the replacement glass for the Hapmton Bay Windward 54in. ceiling fan. What is the part number and how do I order it?

  27. We purchased a 60-inch fan in 2006, along with 6 others, from Home Depot in Brunswick, GA for our cabin on the river. The large fan was installed in our family room with 25+ foot ceiling, and is remote controlled. This year, the high speed is barely like the low speed, and there is a slight sound coming from the fan. We have tried changing the batteries in the remote, but it made no difference. The remote still turns the lights on and off and the fan on and off. Could it possible be in the remote itself? We want to try everything before we have to replace a fan that has less than 600 hours of usage. We are currently using fans in our home that were installed in 1996. Please help.

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